First Pied Piper Sketch

November 18th, 2010, 10:54 pm

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blackmoongirl2424, November 18th, 2010, 11:16 pm     Reply


He looks so different!! DDDDDDDDDX My gosh man, did I really draw this? >3>;

Well. The Pied Piper was never my first just-look-at-him "AH-HA!" in fact when I first thought him up he was a good-guy/mentor type thing for Kris but after a little bit of thinking (Less than 30 minutes) I was like "NAAAHHH! That wouldn't work with his personality. I'd defenitly work myself into a corner. :/ " Then I remembered something my 8th grade teacher told the class one day when we were studying allusions. One of them was "Pay the Piper" and she only gave a sentence summery: "It's just a story about a guy that saved some town from some issue and when they didn't pay he took their kids." That was it. WHY I remembered that/it came to my head I don't know (I've never heard of the story before or after that I didn't even know the title). A few days later I went to the library and since it was eating on me I asked the librarian if they had a book "about some piper in a fairy tale or somethin'..." and they had one (which never looked checked out...I'm not surprised...). It caught my interest and I looked it up. I fell in love with the story. And just saw Bertholomew's character fit so perfectly with the Piper's, charming, always with a smile and grace, out there, yet so mysterious and unclear in his actual mortality (You NEVER know if the Piper was really good or evil it's so open ended.) and being so twisted he has no problem doing horrific things. Bertholomew is honestly all that because in a way he honestly believes he's "Saving" these kids yet at the same time he is so emotionally detached it's disturbing. SO he went from a helper type thing to someone who was going to literally mentally/physiologically destroy someone what a change no?

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