Yeah that's a trading card. XD

November 18th, 2010, 11:50 pm

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blackmoongirl2424, November 19th, 2010, 12:34 am     Reply

Hurm looks so big on here

:/ But yeah. I bought these blank trading cards (ATC) and I pointed at my sister

"YOU! You're my lab rat! Who from any of my series do you want!?"

"My fav character."

"....And that is?"

"The Pedophile of course!"

So I didn't choose 'em (I swear) she did (I gave it to her for a birthday give with a nice sleeve and stuffs). I really do love how it turned out though.
EventhoughthestupidscannerSCREWEDITUP!URRRAAAUGH!(Almost hated to give it to 'er lol)

I think what I like about Bertholomew being the Pied Piper is the fact that: The Pied Piper isn't seen much. It's not like Little Mermaid, or....Alice in Wonderland where there's over 100 different comics alone on it. One of the only series/stories that actually uses the Pied Piper is The Flash (he wasn't THE Pied Piper that was just his villain name since his powers where modeled like the original's) and After Hamelin (The actual Piper. I highly recommend this book. READ IT!). So it gave me that little "I feel so original" boost. But the negitive on that is:What IF The Piper suddenly became the " "In"/that's-pretty-much-every-other-story-is-doing-like-vampires" so I was still very hesitant since I didn't want anyone saying "ooooh you're doing THAT TOO? That is SOOO over done." And me end up with a: " ;M; But...........Bertholomew was before the Pied Piper Cult." I don't care if "I" started a movement or whatever I'll end up hating it when I see a whole bunch of other people doing it. That's the whole reason I stopped drawing little chibi heads, yeah I loved them, heck, I STILL love them. But, once all my friends started drawing little chibi heads like me I couldn't stand drawing them anymore and stopped completely. It's proably my thing with trying to stay a good amount away from the "In" crowd (yet I'm not ashamed or dislike my animeish-cartoonish style). Although I doubt I'd ever hate Bertholomew because of some random cult that starts it still would urk me if that would ever happen. (This isn't to disapprove of having your own Piper it's always fun for me to see different versions but never do something [in general manga/anime/cartoons/movies/ect.] out of an: "Oh cool! I wanna do that~!!" Just for the sake of it.That's pretty much how generic stuff come to be so always add your own whole new I-never-thought-about-that spin. You'll love your characters/story a whole lot more. Trust me.) SO yeah he's proably going to be those only characters who's a "fairy tale" character from me. 030

Oh, here's something I've wanted to say: Ever since I've learned of The Pied Piper. He started shoving himself on my face. Literally. I was watching a murder case: "Yes, all the children love him, He's the Pied Piper of blah blah blah." On Game Informer Blog: "Pied Piper gamer's fun!~" (that was a literal face palm) When I went to a resale shop with my mom:A Pied Piper movie was the first in the movie bin I saw.(EFFFFFFF!!) A garage sale: My mom asked if we had the Charlie Brown Easter movie, told her 'no.' So she bought it. A day later I wanted to see the movie...."Its The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown~!" I found out recently that one of my ultimate fav songs "Symphony of Destruction" By Megadeth has the Pied Piper in it (I didn't believe it) The chorus: "Just like The Pied Piper, led rats though the streets, Dance like a marionette, Swayin' though the symphony of destruction~!" (Funny, since every time I heard that song I thought about Bertholomew...) And so many more.

That's how I knew Bertholomew was SO into himself. =_=; He's his own fanboy. wow. -______________-;

Advertisement, July 21st, 2018, 2:40 pm     Reply

blackmoongirl2424, November 19th, 2010, 12:35 am     Reply

Lets see who reads this one. XDDDDDDDD

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