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November 27th, 2010, 5:31 am

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blackmoongirl2424, November 27th, 2010, 6:07 am     Reply

There is everyone's orange

So NOW he has all the colors of the rainbow *shot because it doesn't count*. So yeah it is literally 5 in the morning in my side of the world. So [since I was just wasting air space and bits of my life] I decided to just put up a doodle I did a while back (as I'm trying to get out of my flippin block. URRRRAAHH *bangs head on laptop*). But instead of just doing the whole thing in just ink pen. It was the heads in ink alone and too afraid to screw anything up I penciled the rest before inking. I still hate Bertholomew though *Throws a chair at him then gets smacked by a Bertholomew fangirl* It took foreeevvvvvveeerrrrrr to draw him. AND I'm still not happy. D< But meh. It came out good over all I really love how Kris turned out. 0w0

Darnit. Why can't anyone be paired with anyone? IDK maybe I'm just disturbed like that. :/ Darnit Bertholomew why do you have to be so asexual (yes I did say that too.) I really don't know WHAT he is. I say he's "diverse" since....he really doesn't care. As long as you're 30s and under. He. doesn't. care. YET at the same time: He doesn't care. I think that's the deal with the Pied Piper in general (I've seen a whole bunch of debates on The Piper's oriantation [funny how people care so much about that, no? XD ])

Maybe if Ray wasn't a prick either....then that'd be a nicer looking pairing (Ray/Kris). But that still doesn't fit... But Ray's way more screwed up in the head than Kris ever was. :T And Kris came out screwed up in the end (I'll do little "after wards" later with the cast [minus Bertholomew since we already know what happened to him lol and he gets enough attention {curse you and your funness to draw and make fun of}]) But yeah I need to finish my little Kris sketches (she's fun to draw too in her own ways. XD )

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