Age Progression:Ray Stephens

January 3rd, 2011, 10:38 pm

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blackmoongirl2424, January 3rd, 2011, 11:03 pm     Reply


Hey guys I just finished up my current Sketchbook so this was one of the stuffs in it and (since I updated AL I wouldn't feel so bad posting this) I really liked how it turned out. XD

I was doodling one day and trying to get how Ray looked when he was younger (preferably when he first met Bertholomew) and after going through a few failed looks in the end the always common/used "you really don't change your style much when you get older." And I guess most kids don't (I really didn't I've always maintained the same type of hair length/style pretty much :/ ). This is also practice for "age changes" stuffs so yeah.

SINCE I didn't have a little "First" Ray sketch...Ray (really named from my sister which tends to be odd for me to do considering.) has always...been there. With Bertholomew as I have first came to realization with his existence so yeah his character design came like Bertholomew, random scribbling with his hair, and at first I wanted to change it thinking he might be seen as the typical "emo boy" type design we're all so used to. But his hair is fairly off his face and I really couldn't get myself to change it. So yeah my "First sketch" was Ray's first appearance *shot* Which proved to be a problem considering I still sometimes have to look up how his hair is done. :/ I didn't know much of his past when he first came up and when it struck me I used to laugh about it in a joking matter. "Yeah when Bertholomew came to pick up his payment, Ray's parents just looked at 'im and said 'here you go. Just take the kid.' Pushing Ray at him and slamming the door. Leaving Bertholomew with a 'WTF?! Did that seriously happen?!' Type face. How horrible. Lol" Until, it really...really hit me and I was like " HOW HORRIBLE! D8> " (I'm such a prick.) So yeah. I honestly believe out of all the characters Ray is really the most tragic. Also considering he lived with Bertholomew for 5 years. D8 I do want to go into his backstory I don't really know if alot of it would be in the expanded version. :/

NOW on to Ray's 30 year old self. Eye candy, no? 0w0 *shot* Lol. I'm not one for the slicked back look but that's Ray. And he's friggin' loaded~ Since Bertholomew gave him...everything. But even after all those years he's still deeply loyal to Bertholomew and if he ever speaks about him it's in an admiring tone. And I suppose with that relationship being the only "guardian/parent" relationship he had I doubt he'd ever get out of it.

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